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"Thanks so much for the blogs, they have been very uplifting, inspiring and edifying." - C.R.

"I appreciated and enjoyed your message!" - K.S.

"I love your Monday morning messages, it’s a great way to start the week." - C.S.

"Thank you again for the blessing of your word.  I have been blessed to know the Mercy of the Lord throughout my life and am still overwhelmed by His grace.  Amen." - M.W.

"Thank you for your messages.  I enjoy them very much!" - M.T.

"I just had to send a message regarding Part 1&2 of the blog 'Caught in a Cloud of Carnality.' What an awesome teaching. The comparison to a default printer is pure spiritual genius. Such an impactful way for me to strive to maintain that my motives, thoughts, and actions are spiritual and not carnal. Hallelujah! Thanks to Pastor Bernard!" - M.H.


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