Missions Ministry

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”  - Isaiah 52:7

The Missions Ministry shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ nationally and internationally as led by the Lord. Internationally, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship has ministered in several communities in Nicaragua (Managua, Pearl Lagoon, Bluefields and Granada) and supports a variety of ministries worldwide in India, Romania and Kenya that further the message of Jesus Christ.

Supported Missions

Cornerstone Bible Fellowship supports the following ministries in order to further the message of Jesus Christ nationally and worldwide. We encourage you to join us in prayerful support of each of these ministries as they serve the lost around the world.

Campus Bible Fellowship


Campus Bible Fellowship is a ministry in Syracuse, New York that shares the Gospel with students on the campus of Syracuse University. This ministry is operated by Paul and Sandy Jewell who are missionaries with Baptist Mid-Missions located in Cleveland, Ohio. For additional information on Campus Bible Fellowship you can visit their web site: http://goo.gl/MKsQ0

Disciple Support Ministries

disciple support.jpg

Disciple Support Ministries is a ministry operating in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya that is focused on training local pastors to minister to their communities. Their ministry provides free Bible training and discipleship to pastors and ministry leaders in the inner city slums of Africa.  The ministry emphasizes clear, practical understanding and application of God’s Word. Disciple Support Ministries is run locally in Kenya by Paul and Marcia Cowley. For additional information about Disciple Support Ministries visit their web site: www.disciplesupport.org.

Fellowship Tract League

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The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry of the Fellowship Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio that provides free evangelism materials in 79 different languages. Their ministry believes that the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Their purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God's people all around the world to fulfill His command. For additional information about the Fellowship Tract League or to order free materials to use in your personal evangelism activities, visit their web site: www.fellowshiptractleague.org.

Gospel for Nations Inc.

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Gospel for Nations is a ministry that operates in eight different states in India as well as the countries of Nepal and Bhutan and focuses predominantly on evangelism and church planting. Their mission is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unevangelized areas in India and to plant churches for unreached people groups. In addition they minister to communities by coordinating with the local churches to offer rural development, heath care and child care programs. Gospel for Nations, India is locally run by Reginold and Deena Benjamin. For additional information about Gospel for Nations Inc. visit their web site: www.gfnus.org.

Pathway to Joy Ministries 

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Pathway to Joy Ministries ministers to the least in Romania by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with orphans and the Gypsy community. Pathway to Joy Ministries exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by offering protection, provision and permanent solutions to the orphan children of Romania. Their vision is to empower the church and community to care for orphan children and families in crisis through the love of God. Pathway to Joy Ministries was founded by Cornel & Karen Bucur who have been involved in missions in Romania since 1995.  For additional information about Pathway to Joy Ministries visit their web site:www.pathwaytojoy.org.

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