Faith to Move a Car Seat

“Then touched he their eyes, saying, ‘According to your faith be it unto you.’ Matthew 9:29 (KJV, emphasis added)
On Wednesday evenings at my place of worship, service and fellowship we attend and participate in prayer and Bible study. It is also there that we purpose in our hearts to be more than ordinary servants for an extraordinary God. The format for the service follows what I reference as the four W’s: Welcome, Worship, War (prayer) and finally, Word (Bible study). During the War segment of our Wednesday evening service, individuals present prayer requests as well as testimonials of praise.
Just last Wednesday a precious and faithful sister in the fellowship shared a testimony pertaining to the sale of a vehicle that her and husband had purposed to sell. The car had a significant number of miles on it and was close to 20 years old. However, the engine was good and the body was in considerable shape in light of the mileage and age.
Our sister shared that her husband was concerned about the success of selling the car because the driver’s seat switch that moves the seat forwards and backwards was not functioning. Unfortunately, it was frozen in the back position. Consequently, an individual with short legs would not be able to reach the gas pedals or the brakes. As a result, diminutive drivers would be disappointed as they would be unable to drive the vehicle.  Note that the seat has been situated in the extended position for a significant amount of time.
When a prospective buyer surfaced they naturally wanted to examine the vehicle. The interested party wanted to purchase the vehicle for her 25-year-old daughter. However, when the daughter sat behind the wheel her legs were too short for her feet to touch the accelerator or brake. To taper the disappointment, the mother suggested to the daughter that they could rectify the situation by placing a baby seat or something behind her back to push her forward. But it was her second thought and course of action that I would like to turn your attention to. She said, “Let me try the seat switch again because all we need is a little faith.”  So the mother got behind the wheel tried seat switch and, low and behold, the seat moved forward like it had never malfunctioned!
I don’t believe that this situation was a coincidence and definitely not good luck. It was a loving lesson and rich reminder about exercising faith. Our Lord said that He wanted us to have the kind of faith that could move mountains (Matthew 17:20) so surely a little faith can move a stubborn seat maligned with a malfunctioning switch!
In closing consider with me five principles that point us to faith. Faith will:
Fix your Heart to Heaven
Activates the Power of Heaven
Imparts the Will of the God of Heaven
Turns you to the Truth of Heaven
Holds you in the Hands that made Heaven
Have you forwarded the kind of faith that moves the mountains in your life lately?
For the Glory of God,