Leaning On The Limb Of Your Understanding

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5 (KJV)
One of the most blessed and beautiful things in the body of Christ is to experience and enjoy sincere and sweet fellowship with one another. My wife and I were spending some time with a splendid, service-oriented couple in our church body. Besides sharing a destiny together (eternal life), I discovered that the wife of the couple and I had been raised in the same state, Georgia, the Peach State. While most of us identify the State of Georgia as the Peach State, they also have a plethora of pecan trees. Oftentimes, the best pecans were at the top of the tree.
The sister from our church shared that she was very athletic and aspired to attempt things from which most girls would shy away.  Before the current context of political correctness, she referenced herself as a tomboy.  Her own understanding led her to qualify herself as an accomplished tree climber. It was no problem for her to scale or climb a tree before the push of a button.
On one occasion her objective was to get as high as she could on this specific pecan tree. In her mind, it would be no different than the many other times that she climbed the tree. As she ascended to a significant height she started to hear the sound of the limbs singing crack and snap! She was oblivious to the fact that during dry season pecan trees succumb to stress due to the shortage of water. Usually a child will not consider or have the understanding of such things like the stability and strength of the limb of a pecan tree. When she realized the peril of her predicament she cried for help! Because of the Good Lord’s providence, her father happened to be at the right place and the right time to hear her cry!
He called to her and told her to let go of the limb before it could break and he would catch her!  Being frozen with fright it was a formidable thing for her to entertain letting go. She had to trust her daddy’s ability to do what he said he would and could do!
She had to immediately embrace what I call C.I.A. test. The C.I.A. test is connected with the word trust. Trust has been defined as the absolute reliance in the characterintegrity and the ability of a person or thing. Therefore, when she left leaning to her own understanding of the situation she let go and sure enough her daddy caught her!
What is the thing or set of circumstances about which you find yourself engaging in self-reliance? Our Abba (Daddy) is lovingly calling you to let go of that unreliable limb so that He can catch you!

For the Glory of God,