An Attitude of Accessorizing the Almighty

“And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.” Genesis 17:1 (KJV)
Have you ever given any consideration to the issue of Christians treating God as an accessory? My wife and I were just having a conversation in regards to how professing believers relate to and interact with God. We were specifically discussing how much energy, devotion and prioritization Christians allot to people, places and things instead of their relationship with God. I respectfully submit to you that if we are not intentional in investigating our interactions and industry, you will invite an attitude in your heart and mind that supplants God’s authority in our lives while also minimizing who He is.
We are extraordinarily inundated with demands from people, places and things. There is a continual call to a culture of busyness while also confronting issues such as meeting deadlines in the workplace, scheduling essential appointments for ourselves, spouses or children, overseeing various ministries in a church setting and even planning family time or vacations. We are so caught up with executing, entertaining, embracing and endeavoring that at the end God, His will, purpose and authority in our lives becomes a casualty. Consequently, this creates a conditioning of carnality which creates an attitude that reduces Almighty God to an accessory.
According to an accessory is defined as an article or set of articles of dress, as gloves, earrings, or a scarf, that adds completeness, convenience, attractiveness, etc., to one's basic outfit. It was early adolescence when I started to become conscious as to what my dress or appearance looked like.  I also discovered how deliberate and dedicated people were as to what they would wear and what matched or enhanced their apparel. My heart is to ask you again to consider with me the issue that many professing believers do not hold God in the utmost highest regard and have reduced Him in their heart to an accessory that matches or complements their lives.  This is reinforced by their priorities and their view of who He is because His will and purpose are not seriously considered before self-centered endeavors.
Are you so busy or selfish with the time that our gracious Lord has given you that you have reduced him to an earring, necklace, tie or a tube of lipstick?
I invite you to join me again next week as we visit this issue for the purpose of redeeming our time and conforming to the image of our Lord Savior and God Jesus Christ.

For the Glory of God,